A white woman who refused to allow an African-American neighbor into their downtown St. Louis apartment building because he wouldn’t show her proof that he lived there has been fired, reports WGN News 9. Twenty-four-year-old D’Arreion Toles began videotaping as the woman repeatedly asked whether he lived in the building. After Toles finally walked past the woman, the video shows her following him into the elevator and to the door of his unit. Police responded but didn’t cite anyone. Although the video doesn’t show either Toles or the woman mention race, Toles says in another video that it’s “obvious” that what happened was a “race thing” and that the woman didn’t “feel like I belong there.” The woman doesn’t have a listed phone number. Her employer, property management company Tribeca-STL, said it found the interaction “disturbing” and it won’t “stand for racism or racial profiling.” It also stressed that it doesn’t manage that property.