Kanye West (269562)

Kanye West continues to attract criticism over his sometimes bizarre relationship with President Donald Trump. West was scheduled to give a TimesTalk on mental health with his friend and past interviewer Charlamagne Tha God, a popular radio personality in New York City at the city’s Town Hall on Wednesday (Oct. 17) night. However, Charlamagne posted on social media late Monday morning that the talk has been canceled. “Normalizing being mentally healthy is a conversation that I really wanted to have with Kanye because he’s been so vocal about his own mental health struggles,” Charlamagne wrote on Instagram. “Unfortunately, I think to have that conversation with him right now would not be productive and a total distraction from the point of the convo which is to eradicate the stigma of mental health especially in the Black community.- ME.” West, who has admitted he is bipolar, has proclaimed several times that he has stopped taking medication intended to stabilize his condition. Given his recent behavior — he has made many confusing and contradictory statements over the past few weeks, including ones during a bizarre press conference with Trump at the White House last week and a series of videos he posted from Uganda, where he is currently working on his delayed next album, “Yandhi,” reports Variety.