Delta Air Lines (268277)

Delta Air Lines is apologizing after one of its agents called the police on a Black customer trying to file a damaged baggage claim, reports USA Today. In a video taken by the customer, the agent, who has been nicknamed “Baggage Claim Becky” on social media, refuses to call her manager or provide her manager’s name for the customer at Boston Logan International Airport on Aug. 24. Once the agent realizes she’s being recorded, she makes a call to have police sent to the baggage area. “I have a lady who’s in my face recording me and won’t leave the office,” the agent says. “I’m asking for a manager,” the customer chimes in. Delta issued a statement to the news sources, apologizing to the customer for her experience. “We take situations like these seriously and we are working directly with this customer to use this as an opportunity to learn from her experience and improve on future customer interactions,” the statement reads. The passenger, who didn’t give her full name for privacy reasons, told Yahoo News Wednesday that she felt like the phone call to police was racially motivated. “I do feel like the situation was racial,” she said. “I studied criminal justice and sociology and I knew if I met with them, it might have escalated.” The passenger went on social media and posted an update on the incident Thursday, saying Delta denied the incident was racially motivated. She also says the corporate executive she spoke with offered to pay for her bag and give her a $300 airline credit, which she declined. “I will continue to spread awareness, and it is my hope that this doesn’t happen to anyone ever again,” she added.