Omarosa (267208)

When former White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman joined the Trump administration she became arguably the most despised woman in Black America.

Manigault-Newman had already rubbed many people the wrong way with her rise to fame as a villain on “The Apprentice.” But when she sided with Trump, she burned many bridges to the Black community.

But now she’s trying to take down the Trump White House, with an arsenal of about 200 tapes and videos of alleged wrongdoings, will she be welcomed back with open arms?

Los Angeles-based political analyst and radio show host Earl Ofari Hutchinson isn’t surprised by Manigault-Newman’s political savvy.

“I interviewed Omarosa twice when she was running for a seat on the L.A. school board  in 2014 and I thought then she had a surprising high level of political savvy, knowledge and concern for her community. The surprise was that she was ever with Trump in the first place,” he said.

He added that Manigault-Newman has mixed motives. She seems to be intent on damaging the Trump administration, but she also wants to sell her book, “Unhinged.”

“She’s taking big shots for being an opportunist and hustler and simply trying to make a buck off her tell-all book,” said Hutchinson. “But what author doesn’t want to sell books? In any case, that’s irrelevant. What is relevant is she’s revealing much damaging insider information about Trump that can put another wound in his political carcass and maybe along the way help bring him down.”

But Hutchinson doubts that Manigault-Newman will be welcomed back into the black community.

“Many blacks will never accept or forgive her,” he said. “But if she continues to be an outspoken thorn in Trump’s side, has tapes that can damage him even more, has solid info. for Robert Mueller, and continues on her public campaign to expose Trump, more blacks will likely have a more favorable view of her.”

During her recent press tour, Manigault-Newman has revealed some unsurprising tidbits. She claims to be shocked Trump, a man she called her mentor, was a racist even though he has a long history of racist comments. Hutchinson suggests that Manigault-Newman’s closeness to Trump clouded her objectivity.

“He supported her and promoted her career. That would be hard for her to see such a person from this vantage point as the racist, she later discovered through her political dealings up close, with him he is,” he said.

Rancho Cucamonga resident Robyn Mancell, co-founder of Girl Gone Forex, said Manigault-Newman, should expect a frosty reception from the black community.

“I view Omarosa in much of the same way that I view Kanye and O.J. Simpson,” said Mancell. “Each don’t think about their color until they say or do the wrong thing and then expect ‘the community’ to rally behind them. That motive is clear. Welcome back? When were they ever really there to leave. “

Carole Lieberman, M.D., a Beverly Hills-based psychiatrist, said that Manigault-Newman shows signs of borderline personality disorder. That means her behavior and alliances are always subject to change.

“Another hallmark of borderline personality disorder is being like a chameleon. That is, constantly changing yourself to fit what you think others would like, or what would be most advantageous to you at the time,” she said. “After being fired, Omarosa was a woman scorned. She was desperate to find a way to get revenge on Trump. And what better than a tell-all book that she hoped would make a fortune?”