California Assemblywoman Sydney Kamlager-Dove (54th District) has introduced AB 987 to insure that the proposed Los Angeles Clippers arena in Inglewood meets the latest state and county standards in low emissions and green technology.

The bill will match ongoing efforts undertaken by the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings in being required to achieve “through both design and operation” a priority in reduction of on-site greenhouse gas emissions, off-site/local greenhouse gas reductions and the use of off-site carbon credits.

Kamlager-Dove said the new area could serve as an economic engine and a source of employment opportunities throughout the greater Los Angeles community. This includes two priority hiring zones in surrounding areas.

“We want to get California ‘carbon neutral’ by 2045, so this bill has provisions and mandates to reach those goals,” Kamlager-Dove said. “This bill mandates the use of solar energy and the advent of EV vehicles. The arena will be LEED Gold certified which is important because Los Angeles air pollution has begun to worsen over the past few years.”

Kamlager-Dove said climate change remains an important issue and it is her desire to have the bill place the proposed area at the forefront of green technology nationwide.