Rep.Jesse Hamilton (266983)

This year, the amount of white people calling the police on Black people doing things they have every right to do has been on the rise. The act has embarrassed corporations and put a stain on this country’s attempt to practice its “All men are created equal” stance that goes way back to the nation’s beginnings. A lot of people – including New York State Sen. Jesse Hamilton – are sick of the blatant disrespect and want something done to discourage this abominable practice. Sen. Hamilton knows first hand what it’s like, as he tells the Huffington Post that a woman called 911 on him as he canvassed in his own district. The Democrat who represents the Brooklyn areas of Brownsville, Crown Heights and Flatbush wants to do something about it. The Black state Senator has proposed a bill that would make call 911 on an innocent Black person a hate crime. The woman was caught on camera last week, saying to Hamilton: “I support Trump and I see the difference between Democrat and Republican – and I also see the difference between you and Trump.” She then attacked (verbally) Hamilton for giving out pamphlets “about fighting back against Trump.” She then called 911, and when police arrived, they tried to explain to the woman that Hamilton had done nothing wrong. Hamilton’s bill is called the 911 Anti-Discrimination Bill. “That’s going to be a hate crime,” he told the Prospect Park Patch. “This pattern of calling the police on Black people going about their business and participating in the life of our country has to stop.” Hamilton said that the bill is needed to ensure that people who make racially motivated emergency calls are duly penalized. “Living while Black is not a crime. But making a false report, especially motivated by hate should be,” Hamilton told the Daily Eagle. “Our laws should recognize that false reports with hateful intent can have deadly consequences.”