Vic Mensa (266816)

Last week Our Weekly reported on how police set up what is called a bait truck in a Black Chicago neighborhood. The truck was loaded with high quality sneakers and left open as temptation for would-be thieves. Residents of the area came out where the bait truck was parked and protested its presence in their community, and the media jumped on the story as well, reporting the controversial method to “instigate” arrests. Now, like his industry peer Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa has stepped in to, as Footwear News put it, make “good out of a bad situation. Through his Save Money Save Life foundation, the hip hop artists plans to hold an event at the same location where the bait truck was parked where his organization will gave away thousands of free sneakers to local Chicago children in need. “Last week Chicago Police escorted a ‘bait-truck’ full of shoes through the South Side of Chicago to lure poor people with FREE NIKES. So we’re filling a truck with shoes to give away to those who need it,” Mensa tweeted Thursday, along with a link to an Amazon page where people can buy the same shoes the “Reverse” rapper says will be given to students. Mensa has reportedly reached out to shoes companies, athletes and other celebrities to donate shoes or promote the event, which has yet to determine a date.