Showing further evidence of his obsessive, racist misogyny, officials with the Women’s March this week released a blistering statement regarding President Donald Trump’s continued verbal attacks against African American women.

The Women’s March is pushing back, calling out the president’s often toxic targeting of Black women, something officials say they have witnessed “far too often” since his campaign for president. They said the president has essentially doubled down on insults against Black women since he took office. The organization released a statement this week:

“Once again, Donald Trump is showing the world that he is an abuser, levying more racist and sexist attacks on Black women. Women are not dogs. We are not bitches. We are people.

“Trump has shown that he will stop at nothing to consolidate power, wielding it against Black women who remain the most marginalized, targeted and penalized among us.

“Whether it’s questioning Rep. Fredrica Wilson’s (D-FL) honesty, insulting the IQ of Rep. Maxine Waters (CA-43), or his attack on Jemele Hill for calling out his White supremacy, Trump usually saves his most vicious attacks for women and Black folks. This sort of verbal abuse against Black women who raise their voices, and far too often for Trump, show up at the polls to roundly reject him, lies at the heart of his White supremacist agenda. It’s not okay, and we will continue to call him out for it.

“We need more of our male and male-identified allies to call this behavior out for what it is, reject toxic masculinity, and begin to redefine what manhood looks like in nonviolent terms.

“Women’s March has opposed and resisted patriarchy from our movement’s inception. We will not stop until our society dismantles systems of patriarchy once and for all.”