Smith College (265675)

Is there a secret message going out to racists to disrupt Black life? Here is another incident where a Black person was doing absolutely nothing suspicious, and someone called the cops on her. It happened as Smith College in Massachusetts, reports the Associated Press.

The Massachusetts college is investigating after campus police were called to investigate a Black student who was quietly eating her lunch in a common room. Officials say an employee at Smith College in Northampton called police Tuesday (July 31) to report that someone appeared “out of place” in the building. The school later released a statement saying there was nothing suspicious at all about the undergraduate student, who is working on campus this summer as a teaching assistant. The woman who identified herself as the student later posted on Facebook that it was outrageous she could not sit down and eat her lunch in peace. She added: “All I did was be Black.” A school diversity official says the college is reviewing the incident and won’t tolerate any race- or gender-based discrimination.