All the major content creators are jumping on the bandwagon for creating urban content. OW has reported that Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Google and more have been spending hundreds of millions of dollars securing urban content from the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Spike Lee, Shonda Rhimes, Ava DuVernay and more to feed their audiences content featuring Black characters, as Nielsen has recently shown that shows with Black characters are becoming increasingly more popular than shows with just white characters. Now joining the movement is Disney, considered one of the top producers of family-oriented content. The project will be the first original Disney film to be led by an African female character, reports Variety. The character’s name is Sade, and she will be the star of a live-action fairy tale, directed by famed producer Rick Famuyiwa. The film follows along the line of the highly touted and very successful “Black Panther,” as Sade, too, must use her magical powers to protect her kingdom from the forces of evil. Cast has yet to be named, as well as a release date.