Lisa Ruffin (265212)

A variety of celebrities are expected to turn out in support of the 25th Little Miss African American Pageant on Aug. 12 at the Nate Holden Theatre in Los Angeles. Celebrities expected to be on hand include Penny Johnson of “The Orville;” Claudia Jordan of “Real Housewives of Atlanta;” actor James Pickens of “Grey’s Anatomy;” Ella Joyce, former star of “Roc;” Roz Ryan from “Amen;” and Krista Campbell, the reigning Little Miss African American. The event will also include musical performances. Proceeds from the pageant go toward a scholarship fund. “Within each girl is the promise of unlimited possibilities, and the pageant is a vehicle for bringing that potential to the forefront,” said Lisa Ruffin, who created the event, which is for young girls from ages 6 to 12. For more information, to to