YG (264744)

Rapper YG has turned himself in after being a suspect in a felony robbery in Las Vegas. A warrant was issued for his arrest on July 12 after he allegedly snatched a chain from a fan and then ran from the scene. He was charged with felony robbery and then released on $20,000 bail. The incident took place near the Cosmopolitan back in May, reports TMZ. According to reports, a fan approached YG and members of his crew and asked YG to take a photo with him. YG declined and the man reportedly began berating the rapper, known for the hit “Dangerous.” A physical skirmish then took place and YG allegedly tore a chain off the man’s neck and then fled. The man is reportedly suing YG as well, for robbery and assault, and is seeking $250,000 in damages. YG is scheduled to release “Stay Dangerous,” an LP, Aug. 3.