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The California Arts Council has awarded a $6,750 grant to the Lancaster Performing Arts Center Foundation as part of its Arts Education: Exposure program.

With support from the California Arts Council, the Foundation will increase transportation funding and outreach for the Lancaster Performing Arts Center Arts for Youth program by extending its reach to unincorporated areas of the Antelope Valley. Arts for Youth offers educational programming through unique performance and workshop opportunities for local educators, as well as exposing students to live theatre, dance, and music.

“Studies have shown projects like Arts for Youth that offer real-world, authentic interaction with the arts have a rewarding effect on learning ability,” said Nashormeh Lindo, chairperson of the California Arts Council. “These early life experiences can spark interests, provoke thought, and build a student’s capacity for success. The path of what’s possible is widened by every opportunity to step outside the familiar.”

The California Arts Council’s mission is to advance California through arts and creativity by building resources and fostering initiatives that advocate for the arts. As a segment of the Council’s Arts Education grant opportunities, the Exposure program supports attendance at performances and exhibitions for students who may otherwise have limited access to these experiences.

The Foundation is represented by its board of directors consisting of R. Steven Derryberry, president; John Porter, vice president; Timothy Doerfler, treasurer; Marilyn Norris, secretary; as well as directors, Gretchen Anton, Tom Backemeyer, Tim Fuller, Michael Hinckley, Harvey Holloway, Nikki Olofson, George Passantino, Bill Silva, Becky Smith, and Mark E. Thompson.

For more information, visit , call the LPAC Foundation office at (661) 723-6096 or email