Rev. Jessie Smith (264436)

Rev. V. Jesse Smith, a long time resident in the city of Palmdale, has announced his candidacy to become the next mayor of Palmdale. His announcement took place June 29 at Palmdale City Hall.

At the press conference, Rev. Smith outlined his vision for a brighter, better and more vibrant Palmdale. As well, Smith provided a series of reasons why he is running for one of the most distinguished positions in Los Angeles County and why he believes he is best qualified to lead the city at a time off controversy in leadereship.

“I am convinced that it is time for a change in the city of Palmdale,” Smith said. “I believe the citizens of Palmdale are longing for leadership, integrity and accountability in their leaders, and I believe my background, experience and advocacy in this community makes me best qualified to deliver these noble characteristics for our city.”