Park Pals (264031)

The city of Palmdale will introduce a fun, new and creative activity for kids called Park Pals at both Marie Kerr Park, 2723 Rancho Vista Blvd., and Domenic Massari Park, 37716 55th St. East, on Monday, July 2 from 9 to 11 am. 

Want to keep your child engaged this summer?” asked Joi Christy, Palmdale program leader. “Park Pals is a great way to do just that! Your child will be able to write, draw or create artwork for other children in Palmdale.”

Park staff will provide Park Pal stationary and ensure the letters are delivered back and forth. All ages are welcome to join in the fun!

“Writing letters to others improves reading and writing skills and helps develop compassion and understanding for others,” Christy said.

For more information, call Marie Kerr Park at (661) 267-5675, or Domenic Massari Park at (661) 267-5593.