Joel Payne (263909)

Here’s what happened: During a segment on Fox News where a variety of panelists were discussing the current political climate for African Americans, allegedly led by President Donald Trump, a former Trump aide said to one of the Black panelists – Joel Payne (a political strategist – that he was “out of his cotton-picking mind.” According to the Washington Post, more than two years after trying to convince Black Americans he had their best interests in mind, President Trump continues to poll poorly with Black Americans. The level of disdain his surrogates show for them probably is not helping. During the heated debate on Fox News, David Bossie, a former senior Trump campaign aide, offensively dismissed Joel Payne, who was arguing America was becoming increasingly hostile to Black Americans because of the Republican Party. Throughout the segment, Payne cited multiple examples of hateful speech on the right. Bossie frequently interrupted Payne, accusing him of liberal hyperbole. At one point late in the segment, Bossie told Payne he was “out of his cotton-picking mind.” Later in the day, Bossie attempted to apologize on social media.