State Sen. Scott Wilk (R – Antelope Valley) has introduced legislation to address California’s ongoing homeless crisis.

“The state of California must do more to solve our homeless crisis,” Wilk said. “This bill is the next step in my approach to help us do that. I am proud of the progress we have made in that direction but we must do more.”

The legislation, Senate Bill 792, stems from a report released last month by the California State Auditor who, at the request of Wilk, investigated California’s efforts to solve the homeless problem and found woeful inadequacies detailed in the scathing report.

“I am thankful to the State Auditor for digging deep into this issue and laying out a pathway forward in her report,” Wilk explained. “It is time now that we as a legislature continue down that path and SB 792 is will set us well on our way.”

The bill comes on the heels of a budget allocation requested by Wilk to fully fund the state’s Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council. Both the budget request – which was conditionally granted by both the Senate and the Governor earlier in May – and the legislation seek to enact key State Auditor recommendations laid out in the Wilk-initiated report.

The Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council was created in 2016 to coordinate the state’s approach to homelessness but was never allocated funding or staff and was never given any specific tasks. Wilk’s new legislation aims to accomplish the latter by requiring the Council to create a statewide strategic plan and to assist local agencies in addressing homelessness. The bill additionally establishes deadlines for the completion of those requirements.