An Athens police officer lost his job last week after video from his police car showed him pursuing a suspect and then slamming into him while the suspect was on foot. Taylor Saunders was fired after the footage went public of him driving his patrol car into Timothy Patmon and knocking him to the ground. The kicker is that Patmon was fleeing to avoid arrest for a probation violation. Saunders was pursing Patmon along with another officer who was on foot. Saunders claims he was only trying to block Patmon, but his department supervisor said his behavior was unacceptable. Saunders was put on administrative leave and later fired. The Athens PD said in a statement: “This was not the kind of conduct we would expect from an Athens-Clarke County police officer.” Patmon suffered scrapes and bruises. After receiving medical treatment, he was books on probation violation and obstructing a law enforcement officer.