Celebrated rapper Kendrick Lamar and co-writing partner SZA are denying they “stole” music from a Nigerian artist for the “Black Panther” movie soundtrack, reports the Blast.com. The Nigerian woman says the two African American music artists copied her art work in particular for the song and video “All the Stars. Lina Iris Viktor says in the lawsuit that her work “Constellations” was copied without her permission. In the suit, she claims to have been contacted by film producers twice to ask her to allow the artwork to be featured in the movie or for her to create new art for the film. She said no both times. Despite turning them down, Viktor claims they took her art and tried to recreate it in the music video. The suit is seeking unspecified damages plus an injunction against Lamar and SZA from continuing to use her art. On May 18, Lamar and SZA fired back at the allegations, denying all accusations of wrongdoing. They both claim the music video was independently created and no portions were ripped off from Viktor. In addition, they claim if any portions of the video are similar to her art, it is fair use and not copyright infringement. Lamar and SZA argue that any profits made off of the music video were not due to any alleged use of Viktor’s artwork. They are both seeking to have the entire case thrown out of court. The case is ongoing.