Yes, there is still outright racism in this country, but it is also a time where their actions are being punished, as well as the companies they sometimes represent. The latest case is comic Roseanne Barr, who wrote disparaging comments on her social media about former President Barack Obama aide Valerie Barrett, acting referring to her as an ape. Her nasty comments went viral quickly and the actions were swift as well. Comic Wanda Sykes, who has been a writer for Roseanne’s new show of ABC quit, and within moments after her announcement ABC canceled the how, despite high ratings. The Laff Network also removed reruns of the show immediately, as did Hulu, TV Land, CMT and the Paramount Network. Roseanne tried to make amends, removing the Tweet and issuing an apology, but the damage was done. Jarrett, an African American, remained dignified in her response, saying she hopes it becomes a “teaching moment.”