A commission recommended that Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Stephen Millan be suspended for using an Italian slur to describe an African American defendant and calling another defendant’s supporter “thugs,” reports the Miami Herald. During the investigation, Millan reportedly admitted to using the language in his courtroom. The panel looking into the incidents said the judge should pay a fine of $5,000 and be suspended for 30 days. It’s up to the state Supreme Court now to approve the recommended punishment. The slur he used was “mie,” an Italian slang for eggplant often used as a slur for people of color. Ironically, before becoming a judge, Millan was an attorney who worked immigration cases, as well as brankruptcy cases. “The use of racially derogatory and demeaning language to describe litigants, criminal defendants or members of the public, even behind closed doors or during off-the-record conversations, erodes public confidence in a fair and impartial judiciary,” Judge Kristina Marx wrote in the commission’s report, reports Fox News.