Meek Mill (262157)

Rapper Meek Mill, recently released from prison parole violations after political pressure rose that his sentence was too harsh, has realized he is now a symbol of injustice in the justice system. And he doesn’t want to be used by anyone, including the President. “The focus turned to the President and myself, which concerned me that it might take away from creating a positive result from today’s discussion,” Mill said in a statement, reports Rolling Stone. “I was originally scheduled to be part of a panel on prison reform at the White House to help shed light on the issues within the system,” the rapper said in a statement to Rolling Stone. “ I decided not to attend so that the focus would be solely on fixing our prison system.” Mill made that statement, but according to Rolling Stone, Mill received phone calls from high-profile African Americans not to meet with President Trump. The panel was scheduled for last Friday and was to be moderated by Van Jones.