Stories have been coming out left and rights about while people harassing people of color in public places, and being called to task for it. However, this instance is a bit different from the others. A young Black man was wearing a Make America Great Again cap, which is a saying that was President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan. Apparently most of the people at a Miami Cheesecake Factory on Mother’s Day were not Trump supporters. Eugenior Joseph was the target of nasty comments from the restaurant’s staff as well as other patrons. It reportedly got so bad, that he and his friends, mom and girlfriend got up and left. But it wasn’t over… Joseph called the police, reports the Miami Herald. The Cheesecake Factory has since responded by Tweeting that the employees have been suspended until an investigation was complete. The police took a report but nobody was arrested at the time. “I really love Trump,” Joseph told the Miami Herald. “It’s his straightforwardness. He says things and he’s going to get it done.”