President Donald Trump has been unusually silent on all the recent racial profiling that have taken place at various colleges and retail sites, but this week he reportedly took time to call and personally thank a young Black man who stopped a white shooter from turning a shooting into a massacre. Four people dies when the shooter walked into a Waffle House and began shooting people. When he stopped to reload, James Shaw Jr. jumped out from where he was hiding and wrestled the automatic weapon from the shooter, who then fled. Police captured him later that day. While Shaw has humbly denied being a hero, many have called him just that, including President Trump. The 29-year-old father of a 4-year-old hasn’t just sat back and enjoyed the accolades. He has launched a campaign to raise money for the victims of the shooting, and to date, he has raised $240,000. The school he attends – Tennessee University – has instigated a scholarship in his name as well.