Bishop Michael Curry (261799)

News sources are reporting today that Prince Harry and his bride, U.S. citizen Meghan Markle, have asked American Bishop Michael Curry to give the address at their upcoming wedding. The May 19 ceremony will take place at Windsor Castle in Great Britain. The Most Rev. Michael Curry is the head of the Episcopal Church. “The love that will bind Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle together has its source and origin in God and is the key to life and happiness,” Curry said in a statement. “And so we celebrate and pray for them today.” The fact that the couple chose an American bishop is a break from royal tradition, as usually addresses presented at royal weddings is from senior clergy from the Church of England. Curry became the Episcopal Church’s first African-American leader when he was elected in 2015, reports CNN. He gained fame for his 2012 sermon “We need some crazy Christians.” In the sermon, Curry, who was then the bishop of North Carolina, quoted several versions of the Bible characterizing Jesus as someone who was thought to be out of his mind. “They thought he was crazy!” Curry proclaimed to laughter. “And he was! He is!” He went on to say that the followers of Jesus need those same characteristics. “And those who would follow in his footsteps, those who would be his disciples, are called and summoned and challenged to be just as crazy as Jesus.” Curry’s sermon went viral and was eventually turned into a book titled “Crazy Christians: A Call to Follow Jesus.”