Meek Mill (261355)

A couple of years ago, rapper Meek Mill was in the news, mostly because of his relationship with rapper Nicki Minaj. When he was in court for a parole violation, she vouched for him. But then they split up, and then Mill was called back to court for again violating his parole (for popping a wheelie without wearing a helmet). This time the judge threw the book at him, and sentenced him to up to four years in state prison. A lot of people have cried “foul,” protesting the severity of Mill’s sentence. Jay Z was on of the first to denounce the sentence, and soon many more fans and other celebrities followed. And then it got really hot when the governor of Pennsylvania, the owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and the (very rich white) owner of the New England Patriots took his side and made the plea for a serious evaluation of our criminal justice system when it comes to people of color. Now Amazon, which has gotten into original programming, has announced plans for a documentary series in conjunction with Jay Z’s Roc Nation on Mill’s situation. The six-part series is set to premiere in 2019. According to Variety, the docu series will chronicle Mill’s rise to fame and his 10-year battle with Philadelphia judge Genece Brinkley, as well as the larger issue of high incarceration rates for people of color. “I’m grateful for this unique opportunity to share my story and I look forward to collaborating with Amazon with Prime Video, Roc Nation and the Intellectual Property Corporation on this incredible series,” Mill said. “Not only will this documentary give viewers an unprecedented look at my life, but it will also allow me to use my public platform to highlight the need for criminal justice reform.”