Billboard is reporting today that a petition is underway, calling for Adidas to cut ties with Kanye West. The rapper, who suffered a mental breakdown two years ago, is back in the public eye, touting support for President Donald Trump and making some statements that have drawn the ire of his fans and peers (T.I., John Legend, etc.) and questions about his current mental health. Earlier this week, he spoke with TMZ and made a statement to the effect that “slavery was a choice.” According to the Billboard report, his ramblings may cost him a contract with Adidas and his Yeezy fashion line. A petition has begun on a site called Care2, calling for the popular athletic shoe brand to boycott West. “While Kanye can live safely in his multi-million dollar castle, the rest of Black America is continually marginalized and subject to unjust laws and treatment. Some even die because this behavior is so ingrained in our society,” the petition reads. “Kanye West has a right to free speech, and he has the right to spout lies and misinformation and misplaced opinions — but we as consumers have the right to fight back against this type of dangerous propaganda.” The petition ends with a plea: “Tell the world [Adidas does] not want anything to do with anyone who believes that millions of Africans chose to toil the fields in bondage.” About 700 people have signed the petition so far, out of a goal of 10,000. Though it’s unclear how lucrative West’s Yeezy brand truly is (Adidas does not break down sales figures by individual brands), West often boasts of its successes. Just last week, the Hollywood Reporter raised the question of whether West was killing his brand by endorsing the controversial President Trump. A crisis management expert said West “lit the torch of war with the African-American community and liberal community.”