It’s not a typo. The two Black men that employees of Starbucks who called police on them, with police subsequently arresting them, have settled with the city of Philadelphia for $1 each. But there is more… the city has agreed to spend $200,000 for a program that will encourage and train young entrepreneurs. That settlement came as Starbucks also announced a financial settlement, although the amount and terms have not been revealed. The case drew national attention when Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson were asked to leave a Philly Starbucks while waiting for a third person to show up for a meeting. Police were called and handcuffed the two, who witnesses said to not resist. The third person showed up and told the police they were there to meet him for a business meeting, but the cops arrested them anyway. Starbucks has spent the last two weeks trying to wipe the egg off of its face and in addition to meeting with Nelson and Robinson will close 8,000 of its stores later this month to hold culture sensitivity training. All charges against the two were dropped.