Dear white… you may exhibit your racism against people of color in your place of business, but the consequences will be harsh. Starbucks and L.A. Fitness are just two of the most recent high profile cases of businesses denying the same rights to people of color as they do to white people. Both companies have tried to apologize while facing protestors and lawsuits. Now the golf course in Pennsylvania that tried to force five Black women off its course and called the police are also feeling the wrath of a public of Black and white citizens tired of hearing about acts of racism. State Senator Vincent J. Hughes has called for an investigation into the incident. “We have to deal with situations like this too frequently,” he told CNN. This time, police determined it not a matter they should have been involved in, but it is appalling that someone would call the police for a non-violent incident where the only crime was being Black on a public golf course.” The Washington Post reports that the Grandview club is suffering from loss of business as well. Casta Cigars, who services the club gift shop with cigars, for example, publicly denounced Grandview and announced it will no longer process orders from Grandview.