A police detective in Cleveland has been ordered to undergo diversity training after he was “busted” for sending racist texts on his cell phone, reports Cleveland.com. The orders came after the local NAACP and local Black police union criticized Det. John Kraynik for the texts. “There is no place within the Cleveland Police Department for such language, specifically the use of racially insensitive language that is hurtful to the community we serve and to fellow officers,” said Vincent Montague, president of the Black Shield in a statement. Kraynik was found to have “used disparaging and racial remarks when referencing African American football players,” according to a document obtained by Cleveland.com. The news site has yet to find out what the texts actually said, but it has made requests to see his official record. “It’s not illegal to be a bigot, but it’s unfortunate that Kraynik is in such an important position,” Cleveland NAACP President James Hardiman said. “The Fourth District is overwhelming African-American and speaks overwhelmingly to biased policing and racial profiling, which are thing we all hope that Cleveland police has put behind them.” The disciplinary case against Kraynik and another officer is the subject of a lawsuit regarding the way investigators came across the messages. Internal Affairs investigators found the messages while investigating another officer in an unrelated case. The Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association sued the city and said investigators violated Kraynik’s First Amendment Rights and privacy rights by looking at text messages Kraynik sent from his personal phone. That lawsuit is pending.