Who do these scenes keep happening? A cell phone video of a white cop violently arresting a women of color, threatening to break her arm, has gone viral and caused outrage on social media. Despite the obvious – that the Alabama police offer was overzealous in his approach – Waffle House has defended the officer involved, saying the arrest was “appropriate.” This comes just days after four people of color (Waffle House customers) were shot in cold blood (by another mentally ill white man with an AR-15) in another state, with a Black customer stopping the slaughter by wrestling the assault rifle away from the assailant. Ms. Chikesia Clemons was arrested early Sunday by three white Saraland cops inside the restaurant chain and has been charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, reports USA Today. The video clips shows the officers arguing with her and then pulling her from her chair and to the floor. In the process, Clemons’ shirt is pulled down, exposing her breasts. “What are you doing?” she cries out. One cop is heard saying, “I’m about to break your arm, that’s what I’m about to do.” According to Clemons mom, the incident began when an employee told Clemons that the plastic utensils she requested would cost 50 cents. The incident is being investigated, and it appears that the Alabama NAACP is going to get involved.