Advancing Communities Together (ACT) participants will host their 3rd  Annual 5K Run for Youth Housing– their third trimester Community Action Project (CAP) on April 28 at Domenic Massari Park, 37716 55th St., in East Palmdale.

The CAP event begins at 8:00 am the day’s schedule will be as follows:

8 a.m. — Sign- in/ Registration

9 a.m. — Race Start

10:30 a.m. — Award Ceremony/ Beacons of

Hope Celebration

Noon — Closing

The Beacons of Hope Celebration will be an opportunity to exalt those who have been inspiration to others in the Antelope Valley. The Beacons of Hope will be honored and receive appreciation to pay tribute to the hope they help they have fostered in the Antelope Valley.

The community is encouraged to join Advancing Communities Together’s participants, community businesses, ACT’s partner organizations, alumni, supporters, community members and Antelope Valley YouthBuild’s staff for this very special for this event. A few of our special guests include: First 5 Palmdale Best Start, Starbucks, The Combo, and more.

Advancing Communities Together, Inc. (ACT) is a California based, 501 c (3) non-profit organization. ACT was founded as a non-profit in 2011. ACT began operating its core program, Antelope Valley YouthBuild, in 2007 in collaboration with AV Champions. Advancing Communities Together’s main focus is to break the cycles of poverty, violence, incarceration and high school dropouts by supporting, building and transforming the lives of young people, their families and communities through leadership development, academic growth, positive community impact, personal accountability. In collaboration with various community partners, ACT looks to support young people as leaders of today, building for tomorrow! Our purpose is to assist young people and community members in transforming their lives through providing academic and career readiness opportunities. As well as build and nurture the spirit of young people and the communities they reside in through social justice, advocacy and agents of change

“Advancing Communities Together it’s staff, and community partnering organizations, places strong value on providing opportunities for transformational experiences for those we serve in order to break cycles of poverty through educational and career opportunities. We seek to inspire action that will ignite communities to create social change. It is always a humbling experience to see young people and their communities rise above the negative social norms and be agents of social and economic change. Through Community Action Projects, young people and community partners come together to promote Transform, Build Up and Support one another.” – Olivia Cherry, Associate Director