In the most recent monthly progress report regarding the Law Enforcement Aerial Platform System (LEAPS), the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) logged 125 LEAPS service calls where tactical field operations were supported. In the month of March alone, the airborne observation and surveillance system was involved in the apprehension of 14 suspects.

“The safety of the city’s residents is of the utmost importance to myself, and the entire city council,” said Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris. “Since its launch, the LEAPS resource continues to elevate the effectiveness and success of our local law enforcement operations. As a unique addition to our public safety strategy, LEAPS has been instrumental in making Lancaster a safer place for those who live, work, and visit here.”

Since its deployment in 2012, LEAPS has aided in arrests, pursuits, and surveillance of numerous activities that pose a threat to public safety. The System’s most recent activity report, highlighting LEAPS value, noted the aircraft was dispatched 108 times in the month of March. Its more than 39 hours of dispatched airtime during that period resulted in 14 arrests and 6 traffic stops, as well as aerial surveillance of both juvenile and adult school locations during potential threat situations.

In addition to assisting with protecting the public, LEAPS improves the safety of local law enforcement officers as well. Due to expedited aircraft response times, the system is able to scope out potential dangers from above prior to the arrival of law enforcement officers on the ground. Thus, the aircraft often serves as “first-eyes” on the scene.

“I commend the work being conducted by the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station to keep Lancaster safe—especially considering the expansive (geographical) area they patrol on a daily basis. LEAPS has become an invaluable support tool for the station and therefore our residents. I am truly supportive of and grateful for all of the resources which enhance public safety throughout our City,” Parris said.