People who have read the “Zankli Chronicles” couldn’t believe their eyes while watching the box office hit, “Black Panther.” From the otherworldly country of Wakanda to T’Challa’s advanced super powers, Zankli fans got a bigger rise out of watching the Marvel-inspired movie because it is so similar to the books.

The “Zankli Chronicles” is a sizzling story also about an imaginary West African country which is called Zankliland. Centuries ago, the Zanklis were visited by extraterrestrials who imparted their powers to tribesmen. Consequently, Zanklis are humanoids with supernatural abilities to mind-merge, self-heal, move through time and space, speak telepathically. They are incapable of evil, but they are hunted by the Anomaly, their archenemies.

Written by Los Angeles-based author M.J. Duffy, the first installment of the trilogy, entitled “Lost Love:” The Zankli Chronicle Book One,” was written in 2010. The second volume, “Captured Love: Zankli Chronicle Book Two” was published in 2013. A high-octane thriller, volume one and two tell the story about the Zanklis’ quest for love and survival. Duffy said volume three, “Defiant Love,” will be out by the end of the year.

“Africa is an amazingly mysteries continent that’s ripe for storytelling,” said Duffy. “Scientists still wonder if Africans were visited by extraterrestrials because they don’t believe that Africans were capable of constructing the great pyramids and other advanced civilizations,” said Duffy. “But that’s the foundation that makes Panther and the Zankli Chronicles literary fraternal twins,” added Duffy. Duffy’s books have a dedicated following.

“…MJ captures your imagination and pulls you into a world of telepathy, history and Zankli powers,” said radio host Mother Love in an earlier review of “Captured Love.” “The power of these Chosen people weaves effortlessly from one generation to another … all while keeping this page-turner moving quickly and erotically.”

Duffy cites about 10 similarities between Panther and the “Zankli Chronicles.” Some of the similarities are: The Zanklis have an identifying tattoo on their body, and the Wakandans have an identifying tattoo on their inner lip. The Zanklis are guardians of humankind. Panther is a member of Marvel’s Avengers. There is a River of Life with a waterfall where the Zanklis receive longevity. There is a similar tributary with a waterfall in Panther where tribesmen fight for leadership. But Zanklis are very erotic and the book has adult language.

“I loved Panther!” said Duffy  “I never read the Marvel Comic book. The good news is, now there’s something to feed Panther moviegoers’ appetite.”

Duffy’s books are available on amazon and at mjduffy.com.