Remember when Whitney Houston died – along – in a hotel bathtub after a party where no one stopped her from drinking herself into a stupor? Well, a similar thing happened to former rapper Eve, with a twist or two. During a stint with daytime talk show “The Talk,” Eve revealed how fellow music artist Janet Jackson may have saved her life one night. Eve said her drink had been tampered with at a party, which Jackson was also attending. Up until this point, the two had never met in person. “I was kind of walking around putting my drink down, talking to people, coming back, picked up my drink. Probably about an hour after the last time I picked up my drink, I started feeling crazy. Not drunk,” Eve said, adding that she began weeping because she knew something was wrong. Someone got Even into a private room, as she pleaded, “Something’s wrong.” And then she heard a soft voice tell her, “It’s OK, it’s OK. I’ll take care of it.” That voice turned out to be Janet Jackson. Jackson told Eve to calm down and reassured her and made sure she was taken care of. Lord only knows who spiked Eve’s drink and what they had in store for the then rising star.