Officials in Culver City have made a dramatic shift toward 100-percent renewable energy, making the municipality one of the few cities in Los Angeles and Ventura counties to do so.

In February, the city council opted for this method of energy production and expects by early next year to negotiate with the Clean Power Alliance (CPA) which establishes contracts for power supply and sells renewable electricity to its 31 member cities and counties at rates that are lower than Southern California Edison (SCE) rates for comparable levels of sustainable (green) power.

Though the CPA will be purchasing the electricity on behalf of its customers, SCE will continue to provide transmission and distribution services, power line maintenance, and even customer metering and billing services.

“While the federal government is dismantling environmental protections and denying basic science, cities are leading the charge to fight climate change, reduce pollution, protect the public’s health and preserve our planet for future generations” said Culver City Council Member Meghan Sahli-Wells, who is also a Director on the CPA Board. “Culver City has a unique opportunity to lead by example by lowering its greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring a cleaner future and inspiring other cities to follow suit,” she added.

The CPA offers their customers a choice about where their energy comes from and will purchase cleaner, completely renewable electricity than comparable SCE rates. The CPA will start offering electric service to their customers in early 2019. 60 days prior however, SCE customers will receive two Notice Letters (one initial and one reminder) asking them if they want to remain with SCE or if they want to select one of three renewable power “tiers” available from the CPA. Per State law, SCE customers who do not respond to the two Notice Letters will be automatically enrolled as customers of the CPA at the 100% renewable power tier.