Democratic Party candidate Sydney Kamlager has highlighted five priorities to address the top-of-mind issues for 54th Assembly District voters as they preparing to choose their next assembly member in a districtwide Special Election on April 3. The 54th Assembly District represents residents in South Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, Southwest Los Angeles and Culver City.

Kamlager cited jobs, education, environmental justice, criminal justice reform and affordable housing as her top priorities when 54th Assembly District voters elect her to represent them in Sacramento.

 On the important issue of creating good jobs, Kamlager said, “As a member and President of the LACCD Board of Trustees, I focused on expanding vocational, career and technical education programs. White collar jobs are not the only pathway to the middle class. I believe that the real fuel for any community is to have people working for fair wages. We need to find new ways to create incentives for good and sustainable jobs that can flourish in the 54th Assembly District.”

On the issue of affordable housing, Kamlighter added, “I will fight for affordable housing development and support ideas to create more housing and make it more affordable. We should consider ideas and policies for inclusionary zoning in circumstances where it makes sense, address housing density, and examine partnership opportunities for workforce housing developments.”

Kamlager serves as president of the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Board of Trustees and district director to California State Senator Holly J. Mitchell. The 54th Assembly District represents residents in South L.A., West L.A., Southwest L.A. and the City of Culver City.