The Salvation Army is moving moves to combat food deserts, says a report in the Huffington Post. The nonprofit opened its first grocery store in Baltimore last week. In what the S.A. hopes becomes a trend, the move was made to put a stop to “food deserts” – disadvantaged neighborhoods lacking groceries that sell fresh produce and meat. DMG Foods (Doing the Most Good) is working to reach a goal of providing local residents with low cost foods that are nutritious, and offering meal planning and job training. “If this works, Baltimore wants us to open three or more stores,” said Major Gene A. Hogg, area commander for the S.A.’s Central Maryland branch. The store has an on-site butcher and a deli, and prepared meals and salads from Maryland’s Food Bank. Hogg told the HuffPost that the renovated former warehouse has been redesigned to offer “that upper-end grocery stories experience” at affordable prices. The store also offers a place where parents can pick up their kids, as it is across the street from an elementary school. “The idea is to strengthen the family table,” Hogg said. “We want to do more than just sell food.” Baltimore Mayor Catherin Pugh was at the store’s opening and cut the ribbon. She applauded the Salvation Army’s efforts. “This serves as a beacon for the rest of this community. If we can do this here, we can this in other parts of the city,” she said. In addition to fresh food, the store will offer workforce development. If the operation makes a profit, the money will be donated to a local shelter that offers support to victims of human trafficking.