Michael Rousseau (258608)

Michael Rousseau used to spend his days “crunching numbers” as a financial analyst. But inside, he had a burning desire to develop his creative side. On the weekends, he fed that desire somewhat with a photography business on the side. One day, the 32-year-old quit his job and took a leap of faith. “I would come home from work and edit my shoots until 1 to 2 a.m., then wake up at 8 a.m. and get to work by 9. I did that for about six years,” Rousseau said during an interview with Because of Them We Can. “ I decided to quit my full time job because doing both after six years was getting to me. I was getting so much busier shooting that it was time to take it to the next level…” That’s when the concept of AUXGOLD came to him. AUXGOLD is a card game dedicated to R&B and hip hop music, where “players play music from their smartphones and battle against each other for the best song in response to the playing cards.” Rousseau raised money via a Kickstarter campaign and hit the books to develop a strategy to launch the game. It costs about $25 for the game. Rousseau is working on developing editions of the game that deal with pop, country and rock as well. For info on the game and how to buy it, go to www.auxgodgame.com