“Make America Great Again” is the term the presidential candidate coined as his pledge to the American people. H clearly and convincingly made his case to the 2016 voters. We heard it; believed it and voted him in as the 45th US President. The opposition has been fierce in trying to deny him the leadership he has rightfully won. The mainstream press has behaved in a very dishonest way. So much so, that they have earned the moniker, Fake News. Let’s look at some of his bold actions since the Inauguration.

The culmination of the bold actions has caused our national wealth to grow over 7,000 points on the New York Stock Exchange. This is the greatest growth rate in the history of our nation and there is no apparent end in sight. The response is not trickery or big promises. It is the rational response to prudent and bold action. The boldest action has been our federal tax relief. Americans en masse have responded to the immediate increase in wages and investment growth. His popularity is growing consistently and is motivating our investors and wage earners in historical ways.

He predicted that the North American Free Trade Agreement would have to change and become a more equitable trade program with Canada and Mexico. This also serves notice to other nations like China, India, Japan, and all of Europe. “There is new leadership in America and things will become more equitable and beneficial to the economy of its people and corporate construct.” Yes, indeed America is becoming great again.

Over the past decades our military readiness has slipped to levels so low that they rival the end of World War II. With lightning speed our military has started rebuilding at galloping speed. We are matching Russia, China in “toe to toe” fashion. Our Department of Defense leadership has become motivated and has resurged with motivation to warn the world that the United States will not back down or accept retreat in any form or fashion.

Iran, Korea, Syria, etc. no longer take our warnings as bluffs. Our latest actions have made it clear that America will no longer stand for threats or intimidation.

Another notable example of our resolve and commitment has taken place in the Middle East. For decades we have felt the need to move our Israeli Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. That fear or reticence is now behind us. Beginning next year, we will start building our new embassy in the place it belongs. Opposition can only criticize now. We are coming in with full commitment.

President Trump promised to restore the integrity and strength of our southern border. The Wall is being written up as plan, bidding and early planning is taking form. Yes, we are building that Wall! Illegal immigration and all the evils that go with it is going to cease at long last. Citizenship of the United States is a precious concept that will no longer be abused and disrespected.

The crimes and sleazy activities that were created during the Obama Administrations such as the “Pay to Play” crimes through the Clinton State Department and FBI rogues must come to justice. A thorough cleansing of our law enforcement agencies must be executed and held accountable to our law enforcement agencies and the American people. It has been such a shame that we have let our agencies fall to such a very low point. It is just disgraceful and unforgiving.

Other pressure points like the price of our steel and aluminum will be protected by the White House on down. Let us all stand up and show our new principles and resolve. America is being made great again with almighty God as our witness. This isn’t brazenness but national pride. There is nothing wrong with that with God on our side.

There is nothing like living good and feeling good and that time has finally come back around.

Harry C. Alford is co-founder, president/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®.

Website: www.nationalbcc.org Email: halford@nationalbcc.org.