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America is changing, even though it may not be happening at the speed some people would like. Yet another political candidate has been called out for his use of the n-word and also for questioning another candidate’s sexuality. Burt Minor is being asked by the state’s governor, Bruce Rauner, and the state legislature’s floor leader, Peter Breen, to drop out of the race to become a representative. “He’s not fit to be a Republican nominee for office, especially not for the general assembly,. His conduct was outrageous,” Breen said. According to the Griot, Minor had a conversation with Erika Harold, who is a Black woman candidate who happens to be a Harvard Law graduate and former Miss American. In the course of the conversation, Minor reportedly straight out asked Harold if she was a “lesbo,” and he also used the n-word repeatedly in her presence. Minor is still on the ballot, however, with the election coming up in March.