Lawmakers in South Carolina have proposed a bill to police an interesting target: a man’s pants. A bi-partisan effort is looking to fine anyone wearing sagging pants in public, reports CBS News. Both Democrats and Republicans in the state’s House have sponsored bill 4957, which would make it “unlawful for a person to wear pants more than three inches below the crest of his ileum” — better known as the top of the hips. While the fashion faux pas wouldn’t be considered a criminal offense, dress code violators would be fined and possibly sentenced to community service. If passed, a first time offense would receive a $25 fine. A second offense will bring a $50 fine and a third offense could cost $75. Both second and third-time trouser violations could also bring up to six hours of community service for the offender. Saggy pants wearers in school would not have to worry about any financial aid being cut off because of receiving a ticket from police. The town of Timmonsville has already put a “saggy pants law” on its books since 2016. The South Carolina community fines repeat offenders between $100 and $600, according to WLTX. “It is indecent. My 8-year-olds have pointed out to me men with their belt buckles right over their privates. That, in my eyes, is very near exposure,” a supporter wrote on Facebook after the 2016 law’s passing.