He’s a Civil Rights icon and one of the most prolific and respected politicians in the land, and now Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia) is releasing a multi-part novel called “Run,” which reportedly chronicles his “storied activism” over the last five decades. The congressman and his publisher announced the book series on Thursday, reports the Grio. It follows his previous award-winning graphic trilogy, “March,” which was released shortly after the inauguration of President Barack Obama. “In sharing my story, it is my hope that a new generation will be inspired by ‘Run’ to actively participate in the democratic process and help build a more perfect union here in America,” Lewis said in a statement. Lewis will detail his arrest in Americus, Georgia, just two days after landmark legislation was signed into law. “Run: Book One” will also address challenges in the Civil Rights movement during that time, as Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) began to lose institutional support during Lewis’ tenure as chairman. Lewis’ term ultimately ended after internal conflict at the SNCC.