Various news media is reporting that Republican Congressional candidate Paul Nehlen has been banned permanently from Twitter after he put up a racist tweet about Meghan Markle. The California native, who comes from Black and white parents, is engaged to marry Prince Harry and into the royal family of England. Last week, Nehlen posted an image of Markle and Prince Harry with a superimposed picture of Cheddar Man onto Markle’s face. Cheddar Man is the oldest complete skeleton found in England, with DNA suggesting that he had dark skin and dark curly hair. With the image, Nehlen wrote: “Honey, does this tie make my face look pale?” The post was immediately condemned by many of Twitter, including Markle’s co-star on the show “Suits,” Patrick J. Adams, who called Rehlen “a sad sick man.” Within days after Rehlen’s offensive tweet, the social media giant confirmed to Newsweek that Rehlen is “permanently banned for repeated violations of our terms of service. Before the tweet about Markle, Rehlen had made other offensive posts, including one where he said most of his critics were Jewish and he listed some of their names and contact info. Said one Twitter post on Rehlen: “This racist POS is running for Congress… we need to send the message that candidates like this have no place in our government and we’d be happy if they live the rest of their lives under the darkest rock.”