Zaevion Dobson died in a hail of gunfire in 2015 as he tried to shield his friends during a senseless act of violence. He succumbed to his wounds and was declared a hero by then President Barack Obama. Last week, the three people deemed responsible for the shooting received sentences that total about 300 years. One of the three was sentenced to life in prison (he’s just 22) and one received 109 years while the third received 143 years. The sentences were handed down by Knox Country (Memphis) Judge Steven Sword. The defendants were named as Christopher Drone Bassett, Kiplng Deshawn Colbert and Richard Gregory III. Bassett alleged pulled the trigger, while the other two were guilty of “facilitating” the murder. The young Dobson was sitting on a porch with some friends when they heard gunshots. Witnesses say Dobson shielded two young ladies from the gunfire and was hit. The two girls were not injured. Dobson’s mother was in court during the sentencing and said the defendants deserved what they got. “I will see Zaevon again someday in heaven, but here in this world, he’s gone, so these men should lose something, too. They should lose their freedom for the rest of their lives.”