While it appeared players in the Super Bowl stuck to sports and not politics (no player kneeled during the National Anthem), some Black Lives Matter protestors did their best to disrupt fans trying to make their way to the big game. While chanting “Black lives matter here” and carrying signs, the protestors blocked the way of commuter trains making their way to Target stadium in Minneapolis. Delays were only temporary, however, as police moved in and physically removed at least 17 people from the tracks. No violence on the part of the police or protestors was reported. Although the protestors were taken away in a bus, no one was officially arrested or charged. “Activists are using this moment to stand with athletes who have protested throughout the past two football seasons calling attention to the murder of Black people by police,” organizers of Sunday’s protest said in a statement, reported the Huffington Post. Demonstrators were also protesting the city of Minneapolis’ ban on city residents who didn’t have a Super Bowl ticket from using public transit routes on Sunday. Protest organizers said the ban hit people of color particularly hard. Outside the stadium, hundreds of protestors took a knew when they heard the National Anthem start inside the venue.