According to a report from the Drug Policy Alliance, despite an easing of legal policies on the possession and use of marijuana in many states, arrests in regards to pot remain higher for African Americans. The alliance, a pro-legalization group, documented the effects of legalization in several states and found that arrests were down overall, but Black people are more likely to be busted for pot in comparison to whites. For example, reports Vox.com, in Alaska, the arrest rate for marijuana-related incidents for white people is now only 1.8 per 100,000, while arrest rates for people of color are 17.7 per 100,000. In Washington, D.C., the rate for arrests for marijuana-related incidents for Black folks is eight per 100,000, while it’s only 2 per 100,000 for whites. The study pointed out that the disparities are most likely do to discrimination on the part of law enforcement, as surveys indicate that Black and white Americans use marijuana at similar levels.