Several media sources are reporting that former boxing champion Mike Tyson has paired with some business partners to develop 40 acres of land in California into a “pot ranch.”

The state legalized marijuana in a recent election and it became effective on Jan. 1. Many of the proponents of the bill are hoping the legalization will add revenue to the state’s coffer through taxes generated via farmers that will hopefully begin to develop it as a crop.

Tyson and his partners reportedly broke ground last month on what they are calling a “cannabis resort” in California City, a small town in the Mojave Desert about 100 miles north of Los Angeles. And here’s a twist – the ranch is reportedly close to Edwards Air Force Base, and Tyson has allegedly said “taking care of men and woman who have served in the armed forces is a top priority.”

Tyson’s venture is called Tyson Holistic, which will operate Tyson Ranch. The ranch will set aside 20 acres for the cultivation of marijuana by “master growers,” while the property will also feature facilities to help the growers and those interested in becoming one, reports the Washington Post. And the ranch will offer an “edible factory,” among other features.

Tyson and his partners, which include Robert Hickman and Jay Strommen, and California City Mayor Jennifer Wood, actually held a groundbreaking ceremony recently at the site. Hickman told the Blast that the land is “primed to be cultivated.”