Tamar Braxton (253557)

A story is coming out of Dallas that singer and reality TV personality Tamar Braxton was refused entry into a bar because she looked too “gangster.” Braxton went on Instagram to report that JR’s Bar & Grill turned her away. “Evidently I look like a gangster. I can’t go in this establishment,” she said. “Here in my favorite town Dallas, they have zero tolerance for Black people.” The video has since been deleted. According to the Groit, the singer was in Dallas for a performance on Wednesday as a part of “The Great Xscape Tour” with Xscape and Monica. The bar has since responded to Braxton’s claims in a statement provided to NBC News: “Our posted policies regarding entrance into JR’s Bar & Grill are to both ensure the safety of all our customers and to certify that our staff are in accordance with the law when serving alcohol – without exception. In this instance, we were simply following our published procedures. It would have been a beautiful experience and honor to add Tamar Braxton to the long list of celebrities who have enjoyed JR’s as a safe and inclusive entertainment venue. We are deeply saddened that she didn’t experience the love that awaited her inside.” The bar says that is has a zero tolerance policy that states “no sweat towels, no backpacks, pants are to be worn around the waist, no sunglasses worn inside, give respect, get respect.”