A.J. Burgess, a 2-year-old from Georgia, got an early Christmas present from entertainment mogul Tyler Perry: a car so that his family could take him to dialysis three times a week. The little boy had to face pneumonia, surgery and blood transfusions while he waited for a new kidney. Keeping her son healthy was a challenge for mom Carmellia Burgess because she didn’t have a car. Perry, who is also a Georgia resident (Atlanta), bought a new Honda and gave it to Burgess. And that seemed to be the beginning of blessings for the family, who heard just hours later that there was a kidney available for A.J. The little guy’s case received national attention when it was reported that the hospital refused to accept his father’s kidney because the father – Anthony Dickerson – because he had once been to jail on a parole violation. The operation took place (after another match was found) and A.J. is already showing signs that his body is accepting the new kidney.